Monday, February 10, 2020

February 1920 - 100 Years Ago "in That Thriving Town"

A number of people were sick in town and efforts were being made to get a town doctor.

February 6, 1920

·         There is considerable sickness from colds in town.
·         Alex Thomson, in upper Bovina, is having alterations and improvements made on the interior of his residence.  John Muir of Andes is the carpenter.

Voter enrollment numbers - Bovina: 62 Dems, 198 Rep, 39 Prohibitionists

February 13, 1920

·         The widow of Samuel Dean, aged 75 years, died at Bloomville, January 29.  The body was placed in the vault at Delhi and in the spring it will be buried in the Bovina Center cemetery.  She and her husband were former residents of this town.

February 20, 1920

·         Lent began Wednesday.
·         Mrs. William Crosier it very poorly at present writing.
·         The mail carrier was unable to get thru the snow drifts Monday [Feb 16].  The mail got thru Tuesday. 
·         Bovina has hopes of having a doctor locate here soon.  Rev. H.K. Galloway has been corresponding and has received replies from 20.
·         Allen S. Kelsey, who lives up-town, has purchased a Pine Tree Milking Machine thru H.F. Bouton, and it will be installed as soon as the weather will permit.
·         Much sickness prevails in Bovina.  At Mr. Kennedy’s on the Irvine farm up Coulter Brook there are four cases of pneumonia – three of the family and Elmer Doig, the hired man.
·         John M. Miller is seriously ill at his home in the village.  His son Howard Miller, of Mt. Vernon, was called home last week, and Leila Miller, who is attending school at Walton, came home Wednesday. [He died the day 

February 27, 1920

·         In one day recently Dr. Pace, of Andes, visited 20 patients in town.
·         Marshall Scott, who recently sold his farm up-town, has moved into the Methodist parsonage. [This is now the Chuck and Betty McIntosh home.]
·         The farmers are hauling coal in order to keep the Dry Milk plant running and the creamery open. 
·         The arch bridge near the Strangeway store in the Center will be replaced the coming summer by a new one of concrete.  The stones of the present structure are beginning to crush under the heavy traffic.

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