Tuesday, December 10, 2019

December 1919 - 100 Years Ago "in That Thriving Town"

The last month of the teens in Bovina saw the demolition of an old cooperage and some activity concerning dry milk produced at the creamery. 

December 5, 1919
·         Miss Lela Miller was home from Walton, where she is attending school, to spend Thanksgiving.
·         Fred Whitehead has been secured by T.W. Miller & Son to work on the Miller homestead farm.
·         Owing to the illness of Professor James Hastings the high school department of the Bovina Center school is closed this week.
·         The old Stott coopershop is a thing of the past, having been torn down by John M. Miller, who recently purchased it.  The building was erected beyond the memory of any now living and its age is unknown. 
·         In compliance with a new law the Dry Milk company now delivers daily to each patron of the creamery a slip giving the date, patrons number, the number of pounds of milk delivered and the order of delivery. Miss Shirley Miller has charge of this work. 

December 12, 1919
·         Dr. Norris B. Whitcomb with his wife and little daughter, who left here to become a medical missionary in Egypt, arrived safely at Naples, Italy, November 30.

December 19, 1919
·         Congressman Peter Gerry and Robert Gerry were at their Lake Delaware estate the past week and spent a few days hunting.

December 26, 1919
·         The tax collector is on the war path.
·         John W. McCune has been appointed census enumerator for the town of Bovina.
·         A community Christmas tree and excellent exercises were held Wednesday evening in the United Presbyterian church.
·         Harry Martin is converting the old house, which stands across the road from the house he recently purchased on the Dennis corner, into a garage.
·         Harry Martin and Hale Elliott employees of the Dry Milk Co, were at Trout Creek the beginning of the week mending machinery in the plant there.
·         Miss Jane Hilson from South Hampton, Miss Marjory Dickson and Miss Jane Archibald from Cornell University, Miss Emily Archibald from Elmira Female College, Misses Mary and Anna Dickson from Schenectady N.Y. are all home spending the Holidays.

Will Re-construct Bovina Road

In addition to the new highways to be constructed in Delaware County during 1920, the 2.34 miles of the Bovina Center state road will be re-constructed with concrete.

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