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May 1919 - 100 Years Ago "in That Thriving Town"

As May arrived in Bovina, the village school house was preparing to install indoor toilets and a number of people were moving into or out of Bovina.

May 2, 1919

  • Canvassers report the Victory Loan progressing finely.
  • Herman Jocelyn is again able to drive the Dry milk truck.
  • The new catepiller tractor purchased by the town, arrived this week.
  • Mr. Howden, who formerly occupied the Jennie Miller place, will return to Bovina and occupy A.B. Phyfe’s house.
  • It is reported that Charles Hulbert, who purchased the Thomas Mabon or Lake Mahiken farm in this town, will stock the lake with trout.
  • Eugene Storie, who moved from Bovina to Hobart, has accepted a place in the garage of Chas T. Telford at Delhi, and has purchased a house in that village.

May 9, 1919

  • C.S. Terry, the garage man, has moved his family from Delhi to the house adjoining the Elliott Thomson shop.
  • William T. War, of Colchester Station, was in town last week.  He has sold the John Aitken farm to Gustav Lifgrin.

Will Install Sanitary Toilets

At the school meeting in this village district Frank T. Miller was chosen a trustee to succeed himself; John R. Aitken, collector, and Thomas Gordon clerk.  The trustees were authorized to raise enough money to furnish indoor toilets for the schoolhouse.

May 16, 1919

  • The V. Liberty Loan committee of Bovina, Succeeded in doubling their quota and a little more.
  • Clarence C. Lee has received his discharge and arrived last week at his home at Lake Delaware.  He was wounded in action with the 77th division. [Clarence would never totally recover from his wounds and died in 1922 from the effects of having been gassed in the war.]
  • The New Jersey parties, who purchased the farm of Fred Thomson in upper Bovina, have arrived.  They brought their goods thru in two vans.  Mr. Thomson has moved into part of G.D. Miller’s house in the Center.

Bovina Farm Sold

Jacob and Carl Stein, of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, took possession last week of the Charles A. Tuttle farm located on the state road in Bovina.  The sale includes all personal property.  They will conduct it under the name of Stein Bros.  Mr. Tuttle has moved to Delhi.

May 23, 1919

  • Lancelot Thomson is confined to his home by the grip.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aaron F. Harrington have moved into part of the Dickson big house.
  • John Howden has moved from South Kortright to A.B. Phyfe’s house in the Center.
  • Two inspectors are in town inspecting the milk delivered at the Center creamery; also the barns and cows of patrons.
  • Miss Ray Weaver of Turlock, California, is a guest of her friend, Mrs. William J. Storie.  Mrs. Storie and her guest were room-mates at Leland Sanford University.
  • Fred Whitebread moved this week from the Methodist parsonage to the house on the what is known as the John Oliver farm back of the Livingstone lake, and which is now owned by the Gerry’s.  He is employed on the Gerry estate.

May 30, 1919

  • William A. Hoy is having a milking machine installed, and will also have electric lights.
  • Chauncey McFarland has resigned as town assessor.  He was unable to secure help on his farm and had to give up the office.
  • James Ackerly, who is the carpenter on George Decker’s new house at Lake Delaware, has moved from Union Grove in order to be near his work.
  • Mrs. James Divitt, we understand will give up the Charles Hafele farm next week.  The family came here in November, 1917, from Oregon, and purchased the farm and the husband died last fall.  The eldest son commenced work this week in the dry milk plant.

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