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The 1884 Diary of David Fletcher Hoy - May/June

Here are the May and June entries in the 1884 diary of David Fletcher Hoy. Hoy was living in Bovina in 1884. The diary was transcribed by his great grandson, John W. Hoy. Thank you to John and to his dad, David F. Hoy III for allowing me to share this diary.

May 1884

Thursday 1.
I am at P. S. Doig to day
We worked on sleepers & Girts
Played dominoes

Friday 2.               
I am at P.S. Doig to day
Father went down to Walton and intends to go up on the train to morrow
Mr & Mrs. Hodge was here

Saturday 3.
I am at P. S. Doig to day working on timber and rafters

Sunday 4.              
I went to church to day
I got my dinner at H C Munn [Hugh C. Munn, b. 1842]

Monday 5.
I worked to day at the braces and girts.

Tuesday 6.            
We finished cutting the braces and went a fishing.

Wednesday 7.
We worked in the after noon to day
Henry M. Coulter went away to day

Thursday 8.         .
Dave & I came home to day
Tom Clark went as far as John Brices [relates to fencing?]
I was up to the store at night

May 9.
I helped father to make the fence to day
I was up and got a pair of slippers at night

Saturday 10.       
I worked in the barn to day.
It rained most all day
I went down to Dougs. & to Geo Davidson at night
Jennie is home

Sunday 11.
I went to church to day and to prayer meeting at night.

Monday 12.         
Father & I came down to Delhi with E. E. Hastings and then walked to rest of the way to Pat Doigs.

Tuesday 13.
I worked at P Doig to day
Tom and I went over to a social at H Munns and had a good time

Wednesday 14.   1884.
I worked at P Doigs to day
Tom got back from the social at 12oc to day

Thursday 15.
I am at P S Doigs to day

Friday 16.
I am at Doig's to day

Saturday 17.
I am at Doigs We raised to day there was 50 men here

Sunday 18. 1884.
Father & Dave went home
Tom & I went to Walton to church and got home at 4 oc

Monday 19.
We finished raising today Dave came back in the morning

Tuesday 20.         
We put on some enclosing boards and trimed [sic] up the frame to day

Wednesday 21.
We put on some enclosing boards to day
Tom & I went over to Andrew Arbuckles at night

Thursday 22.      
I am at P. S. Doig's today

Friday 23.
I am at P. S. Doigs to day
We all went over to a raising at Ed Kill-patricks [?] this after-noon
Tom & I went down to Scotts at night

Saturday 24.       1884.
I am at Doigs to day
I went over to Jim Davidson's to night

Sunday 25.
I am at J. Davidsons to day Went down to church at [N Andes?]
Came over to Doigs at night

Monday 26.          
I am at Doigs to day
John & Will & Miss Libbie & Susie Hodge [?] P. Sanderson, & Sicely & Arbuckle was here to night

Tuesday, 27.
I am at Doig's
Pa come down to day

Wednesday 28.   
I am at Doigs

Thursday 29.
I am at Doigs
It is very cold

Friday 30.             
I am at Doigs to day
It snowed to day and is very cold

Saturday 31.
I am at Doigs
Came down to Walton and stayed all night at William Wakefields

June 1884

Sunday 1.              
Went to church at Walton to day and went up to Doigs at night

Monday 2.
I am at Doigs
Will Simms was over at night

Tuesday 3.            
I am at Doigs

Wednesday 4.
I am at Doigs

June, Thursday 5.         
I am at Doigs.

Friday 6.
I am at Doigs
Was over to Hodges at night.

Saturday 7.         
Dave Tom & I came up to Bovina to day
I was down to Doug at night
Mrs Elliott is here

Sunday 8.
I am at home
This is communion sabbath to day

Monday 9.             
I started at 1 o clock and got there at 6 1/2 " [o'clock]
Tom & Dave came down in the forenoon

Tuesday 10
I am at Doig to day

Wednesday 11.   .
I am at Jim Davidson's raising to day
We got up the frame

Thursday 12.
Jim Davidson brought me to Doigs this morning

Friday 13.             
I am at Doigs
We finished work to day
G. Scott & Jim & G. Sanderson was up at night

Saturday 14.
I am at Doigs this morning and Pat brought us up home
I went to Chas/ See's [?] raising to day

Sunday 15.           
I did not go to church to day but I went at night

Monday 16.
We are over to R J Forrest taken down ther [sic] barn

Tuesday 17.         
We got the bents all down today
Will Wight & John Raitt and D George helped us

Wednesday 18.
I am at Forrest to day working on the basement.

Thursday 19.      
I am at Forrest to day
I went over home at night.

Friday 20.
I went from home to Forrest to day

Saturday 21.       
I am at Forrest to day
I came home at night

Sunday 22.      
I went to the M. E. and R. P. churches to day
I came down with Doug at night

Monday 23.      
We raised the barn at Forrests to day
We went over to the Lake at night

Tuesday 24.
We worked to day

Wednesday 25.   
Tom & I enclosed the barn to day
Dave was over to James Gills

Thursday 26.
We was working on the barn to day
We went down to John Biggars at night

Friday 27.             
We worked on the bridge to day
I was over to the Lake at night

Saturday 28.
We are at Forrest today
Pa is here

Sunday 29.           
I went to church to day
Mr Hawk preached to day

Monday 30.
I am at Forrest

We played dominoes at night

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