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January 1916 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the Andes Recorder
Bovina lost another one of its 'Old Soldiers' and the Bovina Center Creamery held its annual meeting, electing new directors.

January 7, 1916
•           Ward Baker, the violinist, will give a Scotch concert here January 19.
•           Bovina had a remarkable record for the last five months of 1915 – not a death occurred in the town.
•           In Bovina during 1915, the total number of hunting licenses issued were 61. Of these 2 were to non-resident tax payer and 1 to a non-resident alien.
•           Born to Mr. and Mrs. William R. Franks, on the Thos Mabon farm in Bovina, on January 1, a daughter.

January 14, 1916
•           Ward Baker and his Band will give a Scotch concert here Wednesday evening, January 19.
•           Ely Wright has moved from Meridale to Lake Delaware and will work for Alonzo Tuttle.
•           From a social held Wednesday evening at Ellsworth Tuttle’s the Methodist church realized $18.
•           William Thomson and Miss Anna Myers, both of Bovina, were united in marriage on Tuesday, January 11.
•           The third number of the lecture course was given Saturday evening by the Harmony Trio of ladies.  The fourth number will be given by local talent on Friday evening, January 14.
•           Tuesday at the annual meeting of Bovina Co-Operative Creamery company William Boggs, Chauncey McFarland, A.T. Archibald, Alex Thomson and Robert Tweedie were elected directors. Robert Tweedie is the new manager, succeeding Thos A. Archibald.

January 21, 1916
•           The Scotch concert given Wednesday evening was well spoken of.
•           Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Coulter, January 12, a daughter. [This is Margaret Celia Coulter, better known as Celia. She passed away in April 2015.]
•           W.T. Hyzer, who runs the Andes-Delhi auto stage, broke his car a few days ago when he dropped off the end of a culvert below T.C. Strangeway’s.

January 28, 1916
•           Mrs. Joshua Hafele, at Tunis lake, fell on the ice Monday morning and broke her shoulder blade.
•           Millard Blair will leave Monday for Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where he has a position in the store of Mr. Copeland.
•           Charles A. McPherson, who had his leg broken several weeks ago, does not improve as rapidly as his friends would like to see.
•           Mrs. William Thomson was given a kitchen shower Saturday evening at the home of William Oliver and received a great variety of articles.

Bovina Veteran Dead
James G. Seath, Member of 144th Regt Answered Last Roll Call, Jan 23.
            James G. Seath died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James Archibald about 4 o’clock Sabbath afternoon, January 23, having been confined to his bed three weeks with liver cirrhosis.  He was born in Andes and had he lived until February 17, would have been 76 years of age, and was a carpenter by trade.  During the civil war he served in Co K, 144th regiment.  He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. John Robson, of Bovina, and Mrs. Davidson of Rock Rift, and two sons, Harvey and Thomas, of Bovina, and three dauters, Mrs. James Boyd and Mrs. James Archibald, of Bovina and Mrs. Mary Dean in Masonville.  The funeral was held Wednesday and interment made in Andes cemetery by the side of his second wife, who was a dauter of Thomas Thomson of Biggar Hollow.

Bovina Center Co-Op Creamery [meeting held Tuesday afternoon – Jan 25]
            “A proposition from W.H. Sheffield to buy or lease the plant was cast aside.  The question of selling cream or butter was discussed at length and there was a difference of opinion.  The directors will investigate the matter.
            “The report showed that during the year there was received 5,814,825 pounds of milk and 163,173 pounds of cream, and from this milk and cream 374,949 pounds of butter was made.  This was 12,203 pounds more butter than was made the previous year.”

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