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December 1915 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the Andes Recorder
Two couples celebrate Silver Wedding anniversaries and one a Golden in December.

December 3, 1915
•Mrs. G.J. Dickson is having her store decorated for the holidays. [This is the Brushland Eating House.]
•A community social will be held at Town Hall on Friday evening of this week.
•Hilson Bros new feed store was dedicated Wednesday night [Dec 1] by a dance with 57 numbers.
•The Hose company was out Monday evening for practice. The church bell was used to sound the alarm.
•Mrs. Christopher S. Gladstone was taken to Delhi on Thursday to undergo an operation for appendicitis.
•Dixon Thomson has commenced remodeling the interior of the Phinney house, preparatory to moving thereto.
•Work has been suspended for the winter on the stone road being put in by the Gerry’s to change the highway across their estate. About half of the road is completed and the remainder is in various states of construction.

December 10, 1915
•Alva Shultis moved this week from the big Dickson house to Margaretville.
•Fred Bramley has hired A.Todd, of Bloomville, to work for him and he has moved here.
•Wednesday [Dec 8] the car of Watson Fowler, of Hamden, collided with the side of the Scott bridge, bending the front axle of the car.

Bovina Farmer Breaks his Leg 
Charles A. McPherson, who lives on the S.G. Bramley farm, had his leg broken below the knee Friday. Mr. McPherson is preparing to build a barn next season and was engaged in drawing out logs when in some way he was caught under the log and both bones of the leg were broken. William Strangeway, a brother-in-law, and another man were in the woods with him but some distance away and it was some time before he could make them hear. They removed the log from his leg and covered him with their coats, and then went to the house and got the sled and drew him home. Fortunately when the accident happened the horses got loose from the log or Mr. McPherson might have more severely injured. [Charles was the father of Marian, Frank and Lester McPherson. Born in 1873, he died in 1949.]

December 17, 1915
•The tax collector next.
•Thos C. Strangeway, who has been suffering from the shingles, is now able to be up part of the time.
•More than a foot of snow fell during Monday [Dec 13] afternoon and night. Tuesday morning the teamsters started out for their Delhi trip but soon turned back. Traffic was much delayed and mails did not arrive.
•A meeting was held at the home of Rev. Thomas Graham for the purpose [of] organizing a singing class which will be taught during the winter by Rev. Graham. Bovina has a great deal of latent local talent which should be developed and trained.

December 24, 1915
•Wallace Hyatt has enlisted in the United States navy.
•A private dance is scheduled to be held at the town hall on the evening of December 29.
•The receipts of the oyster supper last Thursday evening for the benefit of the firemen, amounted to $38.75
•A surprise party was held last week for Mrs. E.E. Hastings, of Saranac, at the home of Mrs. Douglas Davidson. About twenty ladies were present and charades were played. To use the expression of one of the ladies they had “the best time ever regardless of the blizzard outside.”
•Mrs. Rebecca Scott was stricken with paralysis Sabbath morning, at the home of her brother, Jas A. Scott at Hobart, where she has been visiting for some time. She was walking down stairs and had reached the bottom step when she was taken with what she supposed was a fainting spell and fell to the floor. Her condition was soon found to be serious.

Celebrated Silver Wedding
Friday, December 17, was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Barnhart, and 60 of their friends and neighbors made them a surprise visit at their home up Pink street. As a memento of the occasion the company presented the host and hostess with a sum of money and a set of silver knives and forks. [Jeremy Barnhart and Kate Miller were married in 1890 and would have four children, Ralph, Anna Bell (my grandmother), Edith and Wilford. Sadly, Jeremy and Kate would not celebrate another anniversary – Jeremy would die in November 1916.]

December 31, 1915
•A thimble party was held with Mrs. Mahaffey on Tuesday.
•Mrs. John H. Ruff is very ill and no hopes are given for her recovery. [She would die the following month on January 23, 1916.]
•Next Friday evening there will be a supper in the U.P. church parlors for the benefit of the new organ fund.
•At the dance held Wednesday evening in the town hall there were 35 numbers. Meade’s orchestra failed to appear.
•The Christmas tree held Friday evening in the town hall was largely attended and all the children were made happy by gifts from Santa Claus. The exercises by the children were finely rendered and reflected great credit on the teachers who had trained them.

Double Wedding Celebration
Thomas R. Boggs and wife celebrate golden and Thos Ormiston and wife Silver Wedding Dec 25.
Saturday, December 25, in upper Bovina there occurred the rare event of the celebration of a golden wedding and a silver wedding in the same family and both falling on the same date.
On Christmas Day fifty years ago Thomas R. Boggs and Jane Archibald embarked upon the unknown sea of matrimony and for half a century have followed the devious ways of life together. Twenty five years ago, also on Christmas Day, their eldest daughter became the wife of Thomas Ormiston.
Last Saturday 75 relatives and neighbors assembled at the Boggs home to celebrate the double event and it was a day or rare good cheer. As a memento of the occasion Mr. and Mrs. Boggs were presented with a purse of money and a small gold clock.
On the Thursday evening previous the neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Ormiston made them a surprise visit at their home and left them a set of silver knives and forks.

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