Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stories from Bovina's Cemeteries - Margaret and Jen Get Their Tonsils Out

The Andes Recorder in June 1920 reported that, "Mrs. Christopher S. Gladstone and Mrs. Fred Thomson were operated upon Tuesday (June 15, 1920) at the home of the last named for the removal of their tonsils. Dr. Goodrich and Ormiston were the surgeons."

Mrs. Gladstone was born Margaret J. Coulter in 1879, the daughter of Dixon Coulter and Margaret Elliott. Mrs. Thomson was Jennie Oliver, born in 1885, the daughter John Oliver and Stella Dumond. These two women were second cousins once removed, both being descendants of early Bovina settler Francis Coulter. We likely can assume they must have at least known each other enough for Mrs. Gladstone to be comfortable having her tonsils removed at someone else's home. They both were members of the Bovina United Presbyterian Church and likely socialized through the group in that church.  

They survived their tonsil surgery by a bit over 40 years and, amazingly, died the same day and in the same place. Both women passed away at the Delhi Hospital on November 18, 1960. They both were attended by by Dr. Orin Q. Flint. Margaret died of a stroke and Jennie of heart disease. Margaret had been widowed for seven years while Jennie had been widowed less than three months. The two women were buried a day apart, with Margaret buried November 21 and Jen the next day. 
Grave of Christopher and Margaret Gladstone
Grave of Fred and Jen Thomson

Note: A confusing element in this story is that Jen Thomson had a sister-in-law named Margaret Gladstone! Fred's sister, Margaret King Thomson, married Edward Dunn Gladstone, a first cousin once removed of Christopher Gladstone.

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