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Bovina at the World Columbian Exposition

One of the high points in Bovina's butter making history took place in 1893, when over twenty percent of all New York farmers exhibiting butter at the World's Chicago Exposition Agricultural Building came solely from the Town of Bovina.
Agricultural Building at the Worlds Columbian Exposition
Original postcard from the University of Maryland Digital Collections, National Trust Library Historic Postcard Collection
Michael Miller, one of the farmers who exhibited his butter, received this paperwork about his entry (though he was listed in the guide of exhibitors as Marshall Miller!).

Here's the list of the Bovina farmers who exhibited butter (several of the names were corrected from the original list).

Ada, Chas M., Bovina
Archibald, Geo, Bovina
Archibald, Jno. M., Bovina
Armstrong, Frank, Bovina Centre
Bailey, Jacob, Bovina Centre
Biggar, Robert, Bovina Centre
Black, Wm., Bovina Centre
Bramley, H.G., Bovina Centre
Burgin, H.C., Lake Delaware
Burns, Alexander, Bovina
Burns, J.D., Bovina Centre
Campbell, J.M., Bovina Centre
Clunn, A., Bovina
Davidson, D., Lake Delaware
Doig, W.A., Bovina Centre
Doig, W.J., Lake Delaware
Hilson, Thos, Bovina
Hobby, James, Lake Delaware
Hobby, Jno. T., Bovina
Jackson, T.R., Lake Delaware
Jarvin, Gilbert, Bovina Centre
Johnson, A., Bovina
Johnson, Alex A., Bovina
Johnson, J.H., Bovina
Lee, A.R., Bovina Centre
Lee, Chas R., Bovina
Little, D.D., Bovina
Ludington, B.H., Bovina
McFarland, A., Bovina
McFarland, J.T., Bovina
Miller, Michael, Bovina Centre
Miller, Wm. L., Bovina Centre
Mitchell, J.D., Bovina
Oliver, D., Bovina Centre
Ormiston, Thos, Bovina Centre
Roberton, M., Bovina Centre
Ruff, W., Bovina
Russell, A.T., Bovina
Russell, James, Bovina
Russell, Jno. A., Bovina Centre
Russell, R.N., Bovina
Russell, S., Bovina Centre
Scott, R.R., Bovina Centre
Strangway, Thomas, Lake Delaware
Thompson, Dickinson, Bovina Centre
Thompson, R.A., Bovina Centre
Thompson, W.A., Bovina
Thompson, Wm. S., Bovina Centre
Thomson, Mrs. A.D., Bovina Centre
Tuttle, C.A., Bovina Centre
White, W.S., Bovina Centre
Wilson, Alexander, Bovina Centre

From The Official Directory of the World Columbian Exposition, 1893, page 554-556

Be sure to come and celebrate Bovina Farming today by coming to Seventh Annual Bovina Farm Day on Sunday, September 6 on Crescent Valley Road.  

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