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June 1915 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the Andes Recorder
Three year old Hugh McPherson was in a car accident and one of Bovina's ministers got married - just a couple of the tidbits for June 1915.

June 4, 1915
•Miss Nell Miller has finished her school in Albany county and returned home.
•Thomas Gordon commenced the work of taking the census Tuesday morning. [This was the New York State Census.]
•Alex Hilson is having the lawn in front of his residence graded.  John McCune has charge of the work. [This is the house now owned by his great granddaughter, Christine Batey.]
•G.D. Miller and wife and Thomas Gordon and wife attended Memorial Day exercises at Delhi on Monday.
•James G. Seath and dauter, Mrs. James Archibald, attended Memorial Day exercises at Andes on Monday.
•Horace Chester moved Tuesday from the house adjoining the residence of Alex Hilson, to rooms in the residence of Miss Louise Dennis.
•Mrs. William Armstrong, who a few weeks ago was operated upon at Kingston and a needle found in her foot, arrived home the past week.
•Wednesday at W.H. Maynard’s sale of cows at the homestead in upper Bovina the 61 head averaged under $60.  The best Jerseys went for less than value, while the common grades brought full value.

June 11, 1915
•Dr. G.T. Scott has had a sidewalk laid along the front of his lot.
•Denny Hughes has move[d] into what is known as the small Dickson house.
•Fred Bramley has sold his dairy of 51 cows to Howard Hall the cattle dealer of Delhi.
•A.T. Doig has sold his Cadallac automobile to Andrew Cows, of New Kingston.
•Mrs. Thomas Miller has so far recovered from an attack of pneumonia as to be out again.
•The village school closed this week. Kathryn Reynolds, primary teacher, will have a picnic for her scholars.
•William J. Archibald, on the Robert C. Scott, is having his residence painted. Alex Myers is doing the job.
•Mrs. G.J. Dickson went to Syracuse on Monday[Jun 7] to be present at the graduating at Syracuse University.  Her two daughters, Mary and Carolyne, are among the graduates.  Both have secured positions.

Lake Delaware Farm Sold
     Alonzo W. Tuttle has sold his farm at Lake Delaware, to his nephew, Ernest Redmond.  The price paid for the farm and stock is $7,000.  Mr. Tuttle has been unable to work for a number of years owing to rheumatism.

June 18, 1915
•William R. Miller is having his lawn graded.
•G.D. Miller was at Bloomville last Friday taking in wool.
•Miss Hazel Hoy is home from Elmira college for the summer vacation.
•The Village Improvement Society has shipped three wagon loads of old papers.
•A new carpet was laid Tuesday in the auditorium of the United Presbyterian church.
•Miss Sarah Phyfe’s Sabbath school class will hold their annual picnic today (Thursday)
•Regents examinations were held at the village school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday the advanced pupils of Miss Davidson held a picnic on Pisgah.
•Miss Carolyn Dickson is in Ithaca attending a peace convention, which will consider international relations.  She is one of the three delegates representing Syracuse University.
•While Horace Chester was taking down the wire of a chicken yard at the rear of the big Dickson house, a large stone from the foundation was loosened and came down hitting him on the head over one ear, and laid the scalp open.  The wound was drawn together with adhesive plaster.

Auto Down 20 Foot Embankment
Hugh, Three Year Old Son of Howard McPherson, of Bovina, Lands in the Creek
  Saturday afternoon [Jun 12], Hugh, the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard McPherson, in Bovina Center, had a very narrow escape, when the auto in which he had been left started and went down a 20-foot embankment into the creek. The child, however, escaped with bruises.
Mr. McPherson was preparing to go to Delhi and had backed the auto from the barn. Leaving the child in the car he went to close the doors of the barn, and had just accomplished the task, when he looked around and saw the car in motion and the child at the wheel. His effort to reach the car and shut off power were futile and the car went over the embankment about a rod away. Part way down the bank the auto collided with a small tree and child was hurled into the air and landed out in the stream and when the father reached him he was trying to get onto his feet.     The car after hanging a few moments was released by the tree giving way and landed bottom up in the creek.
The child was carried to the house and the doctor could find no injury, except bruises. The cause of the auto starting is now known, but it is supposed that in some way the child had released the breaks, and when found the car was in “high.” The care was hauled up the bank and although damaged can be repaired. [Little Hugh survived his auto accident, dying in 1998.]

June 25, 1915
•William C. Russell made a trip onto the Beaverkill the latter part of last week.
•Miss Angelica Gerry has arrived at the Gerry summer homes at Lake Delaware.
•Miss Jane Hilson graduate last week from Oberlin college and Clifton R. Scott from Westminster college and both have arrived home.
•Mrs. William T. Forrest has re-laid the side walk along the front of the house in Bovina Center, which she recently purchased of Russell Boggs, and is having the lawn graded.
•Rev. Thomas Graham and bride arrived home last Thursday evening.  The boys gave them a skimmelton.  A reception was held Wednesday in the town hall, all the churches uniting in the welcome.

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