Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 1914 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

The winter continued to challenge Bovina, with a blizzard and low temperatures.

March 6, 1914
The three children of Marshall Scott were taken seriously ill last week with every symptom of poisoning and one had convulsions.  All have recovered. [The three children of Marshall (1875-1951) and Julia Haennings Scott (1884-1967) were James Edwin, age 6, Burtis Marshall, age 4 and Eva May, age 21 months.]
The ladies of the V.I.S. will present a play, “How the Club Was Forms” at the town hall Friday and Saturday evenings, March 13 and 14.  (The play was given in Andes last winter and was one of the best every staged here.-Ed)
Bovina has experienced the worst tie-up of traffic this week since the 1888 blizzard.  Roads were completely blocked and few were able to get out with their milk until late Tuesday and many not even then.  No mail was received from Saturday until Wednesday night.

March 13, 1914
Thermometers went down to zero Thursday morning.
The “chuck holes” in the streets of the Center were materially helped by W.G. Coulter using a spring tooth harrow.

March 20, 1914
Andrew T. Doig was in New York last week buying spring goods.
Mrs. James Gill and brother, William McMurray, who recently sold the Gill farm near Tunis lake, have rented part of the Dennis house in Bovina Center.
The play “How the Club Was Formed” given by the ladies of the V.I.S. on Friday and Saturday evenings was well attended.  The receipts Friday evening were $55 and Saturday $28 – a total of $83.

March 27, 1914
A few have tapped their sugar camps.
Hamilton Russell [father of Cecil Russell] was at Andes on Tuesday and returned with a new lime sower.
The entertainment Tuesday evening by the Russell musical company was well attended.
Arthur Bergman is preparing to install a bathroom outfit in his farm residence in upper Bovina. [The Bergman residence, once known as the Liddle farm, was located on New Road.] 

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  1. Seems like the winter of 1888 is a big reference point for storms. I read The Children's Blizzard by Laskin which is a great account. My great-grandmother references the 1888 winter in her diary of 1936 which I have turned into a blog, similar to your diary blog for Walter Coulter.

    I am the Town of Greenwich, NY (Washington Co.) Historian. Thanks for your presentation on social media today at the APHNYS Conference.