Friday, February 18, 2011

Bovina Civil War Records

I've just posted on the Bovina NY Flickr page 30 images of Town of Bovina documents relevant to the U.S. Civil War.  As I do monthly entries concerning the Civil War and Bovina, I will make reference to these documents.  They include a number of exemption claims and several documents relevant to the bounty paid to encourage men to enlist and help meet the town's quota.  One of the bounty receipts was one dated February 25 for John Sinclair Burns, who had enlisted the previous summer.  Burns died about six weeks after this receipt was issued, dying of disease in Fairfax, VA on April 4. There also is a bounty receipt for a gentleman for whom no further information can be found.  He may be the one person that the town later reported as having taken the bounty money and fleeing.  Two images are of documents concerning Roman Palmer.  As did many soldiers, he signed a Power of Attorney, giving James Elliott the right to cast his vote for him the November 8, 1864 general election.  Palmer died a month after the election, killed in action in South Carolina.

Go to to see these latest scanned documents. 

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