Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Surfing in Bovina

No, there are likely no waves to catch in Bovina, except maybe virtual ones on the Internet. In a posting on April 16, I suggested visiting the Delaware County Genealogy and History web site as a great source for information about Bovina's history. There are some other places to go to for further information about Bovina, past and present:

Power of History - Exploring the Agricultural and Industrial History of Delaware County ( The site is a collection of writings, photos and videos around the history of Delaware County and surrounding towns in the Western Catskills.

Russell's Store - There has been a store operating in this spot in Bovina since probably the 1830s. Owned by Hastings, then Doig, it became Russell's in 1919. The store is now owned by the Bovina Historical Society. Go to for more information.

Town of Bovina - The town's official website is at Contact information for town officials and other information, including town board minutes, are located here.

Bovina Public Library - Visit the library's website at for information on hours and pictures from the past. The Bovina Library is where I set up displays on Bovina history. Pay the library a visit - virtually and when you come to Bovina.

If you know of other appropriate web sites concerning Bovina and the area, pass them along to me.

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  1. Hey Ray, good to see you blogging again. Hope the house project is going well.

    Don't forget our very own Dairymen!