Monday, April 19, 2010

Bovina (NY) History Celebrates its First Anniversary

Wow! It's been a year since I somewhat impulsively started this history blog. I've loved the opportunity to share stories on the history of my home town. And thanks to everyone who has commented on this blog. Sharing history is a two way street.

During Bovina (NY) History's first year, I've reported on things like:

-A Murder Most Foul and Unnatural - a possible murder in Bovina, which actually turned out to have happened right next door to Bovina, but still an interesting story;
-The Reluctant Reverend and other stories of the Bovina UP Church, which celebrated its Bicentennial last year;
-Was Bovina butter served at the White House? (answer - I don't have solid evidence that it was, but it seems very possible);
-The 3Rs in Bovina;
-Information from the 1860 and 1910 censuses;
-When the railroads didn't come - the unsuccessful attempt to bring the trains to Bovina.

So what's left to tell about Bovina? I suspect a lot. I still have more stories to tell from the 1910 census and I'm working on entries about Bovina businesses. This weekend I'm going on another walk to find more of the abandoned rail bed from the attempt to bring the railroad to Bovina.

Bovina's population may have peaked at only 1400 in 1845 - but everyone has a story. I hope to find more of these to share in the Bovina (NY) History blog's second year.

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  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Ray!

    We sure do appreciate the time you take to share with us and Bovina is very lucky to have you do what you do.All the little tidbits and facts are really neat and help to better understand the unique and rich history of our great little town.