Friday, March 12, 2010

Murder Most Foul and Unnatural - More Breaking News

This will be a brief post, written outside Russell's where the forecast rains haven't hit yet. I have a follow-up to my March 3 post about the possible murder I reported last fall. In the March 3 post, I noted that it appeared likely the murder didn't happen in Bovina. A notice of a Sheriff's sale of the property of Christina McDonald, widow of the victim, John, noted that the McDonald farm was on Lot 78 of Great Lot 39 of the Hardenburgh Patent. This put the farm in Andes (though the sheriff sale notice did say Delhi). I had hoped to find a deed or notice about the sheriff sale, but unfortunately, this particular one was not recorded or the record is lost. I did verify, however, that indeed the farm was in Andes, specifically on Cabin Hill Road. The farm was not far from the Bovina Town line. Why did the notice say Delhi? My speculation is that with the creation of Andes in 1819 and Bovina in 1820, the location of certain farms got rather confusing to people. Before the creation of Andes, the farm would indeed have been in Delhi.

I still hold out hope that at some point I can find out more detail about the sheriff's sale. And though the crime didn't happen right in Bovina, it happened close to Bovina, the inquest was in Bovina and the victim's daughter lived in Bovina a good part of her life.

Regardless, it makes an interesting story.

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