Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Forget the Murder Most Foul and Unnatural

I've been rather quiet on this blog since wrapping up the celebration of the Bovina UP Church Bicentennial, taking a breather. One activity since the celebration has been to review the database of all the members of the church - I've already added about 60 names that were missing.

But now I'm gearing up for my talk at the Bovina Public Library this Saturday (October 24) at 10 am on what appears to be Bovina's first (and from everything I know right now, only) murder. I continue to review the testimony recorded during the coroner's inquest into the death of John McDonald and continue to find it rather confusing. The handwriting is a challenge and I cannot figure out the sequence of the testimony from neighbors and family members - there are no page numbers and the sheets were not attached in any discernable order.

Nonetheless, I have enough information to fashion together a story of a family whose squabbles led to accusations of parricide. So come and find out about this murder most foul and unnatural.

PS - When I searched Google images under the phrase 'murder most foul and unnatural' to find an appropriate image for a handout for the presentation, one of the pictures that came up was of me! It came up from my previous blog entry about this presentation. Oh dear....

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