Monday, October 10, 2016

The Second Raising of Hilson's Store

On August 15, 1867, Andrew T. Strangeway recorded in his diary "Very rainy today. It faired up about noon an[d] went up to the Lake. Worked at the Lake 7 hours. It came on rain and we went to Brushland to the Raisin of John Hilsons Store. Worked at Lake 7 hours, 20."

Here's the entry:

The Lake he refers to is Lake Delaware, where he worked. But the part of most interest is the second part of the entry and the reference to Hilson's Store. Amazingly, because of this entry, we can pinpoint to the day the start of construction of Hilson's Store. 

Over the 149 years of its existence, several additions have been made to the store, including additions to the building's left and at the back. The store stayed in the Hilson family until recently, when it was purchased by John Finn with plans to turn it into a restaurant and inn. The building currently is undergoing a major renovation, part of which involved literally raising the store to construct a full cellar underneath. Here's what it looks like as of September 23.

If you are on Facebook, the Dry Town Tavern, the name of the inn, has a page, where you can see the progress being made. Here's a time lapse video made by Jessica Vecchione of the raising: This will take you to the Facebook page and suggest you join, but you can play the video without joining Facebook.

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