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Tenth Anniversary of the Bovina NY History Blog

This is the 598th entry in the Bovina NY History Blog. And it was ten years ago today that I started this blog, almost on a whim. I had just attended the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference in Charleston, West Virginia and had gone to a session on Web 2.0. An archives friend, John LeGloahec, discussed his blog. Two days later, I went into the blogger software he demonstrated and in about two minutes, had the Bovina NY History Blog set up. 

With almost 600 entries, there's a lot to go through. I do create labels which help in any on-line searching but it still is a challenge with so many entries. So I've created a subject index to the more significant entries at the end of this blog entry. And I'm working on a name index which I hope to get posted by late spring.

There have been several series in this blog. Stories from Bovina Cemeteries is pretty self-explanatory. Faces of Bovina mainly focuses on photographs of Bovina residents taken by Delhi photographer Bob Wyer. During 2011 and 2012, at the start of the sesquicentennial of the start of the U.S. Civil War, I did a monthly series on various aspects of the Civil War and its impact on Bovina. That series also included mini-biographies of all of Bovina's Civil War soldiers.

I did a series that ran a little over a year starting in November 2017 relating the story of James D. Calhoun. He was one of Bovina's World War One fatalities. He was my grandmother's first husband, so I had a lot of information about him, including the letters he wrote home while he was in the service in the U.S. and in France. 

One of my longest series which continues to this day is the "100 Years Ago in 'That Thriving Town.'" The Andes Recorder for many years produced a weekly column about activities in Bovina. I compile these each month and present them on the blog. The series started in May 2013.

To be honest, some series, while a good idea, never really got off the ground. In October 2010, I started a series of entries where I experimented with recipes from the 1911 Bovina UP Church Cookbook. I managed a few of the recipes but others were sort of a bust! 

As well as this blog, I also, since 2014, I have been making daily entries on the Town of Bovina Historian Facebook page. At the suggestion of several people who are not on Facebook, I started doing monthly compilations of these entries. These are posted the last day of each month.

As I've done research, I've found some interesting and sometimes bizarre stories. There was the story of the brothers-in-law who got in trouble with the Bovina UP Church when they went to court over a law suit. I reported that in 2011. Around the time that was happening, I found a rather juicy slander suit involving the two Presbyterian ministers in Bovina. They went to court when one sued the other for slander. That story was reported in 2013.

There's the sad story of the West Point cadet who died in a plane crash in the Bramley Mountain area at the end of World War II. Brought to my attention by Steven Burnett and Chris Ingvordsen, I realized I had a piece of the plane that my father had recovered from the site. I did several entries about this crash, starting in the spring of 2011.  

In 1898 came the closest attempt to bring the railroad to Bovina. This story took four entries to tell, starting in March 2011. Documenting Bovina's physicians took three entries starting in June 2014.  

One of the benefits of a blog is that it is easier to correct mistakes. In 2009, for the Bicentennial celebration of the Bovina U.P. Church, I incorrectly noted (in print, unfortunately), that the community room behind the Hamden Presbyterian Church was the original Bovina Church. The late Dorothy Kubik contacted me when she saw the newspaper error, explaining that the Bovina church went to Delancey, not Hamden (and that building burned in the 1890s). I was able to correct the error, at least on my blog. 

So here's the subject index to the Bovina NY History blog. Hope to have a name index done by late spring. 


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Bovina’s History
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The World Wars
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  • 5/10/2018 – Clark Miller [Bovina’s first World War One fatality]

Sunday, April 7, 2019

April 1919 - 100 Years Ago "in That Thriving Town"

Work moves ahead on renovating the building to be used as the Bovina Public Library, while the town purchased a tractor for road work.

April 4, 1919
  • Mr. Terry, who has opened a garage in the Elliott Thomson blacksmith shop is getting more work than he can do.
  • Bovina was visited by a blizzard on Friday and Saturday.  Roads were blocked and much inconvenience sustained, especially in the delivery of Milk at the creamery.
  • Thomas C. Strangeway moved this week from his farm at Bovina Valley to the hotel property in the Center, and Chas. A. McPherson has moved from Bramley mountain to the Strangeway farm, which he recently purchased.
April 11, 1919
  • Ellsworth Tuttle is having a milking machine installed.
  • Carl Doonan has moved into the Dickson house adjoining the hotel.
  • Alfred Russell of the merchant marine corps, is home on a furlough of 21 days.
  • James Monroe, David Draffen and James Barnhart have each had a Delco lighting system installed for lighting their houses and farm buildings.
  • J.W. Blair was home from the Hospital in New York for a day or two, returned Sunday and expects to have to stay a week or more to finish treatment of his eyes.
  • Howard McPherson, town superintendent of highways, is having the “Hook” bridge re-floored.  Two by four scantling placed on edge are being used and this will covered with stone and an asphalt binder.
Bovina Center Library
Preparations Being Made to Carry Out Wishes of Late J.W. Coulter

The late J.W. Coulter left the village of Bovina Center the building known as the D.L. Thomson hardware store, and $1,200 with which to fit it up for a public library.  For several years, the wing had been used for a library and Mr. Coulter used the main part for a shop.  The part used as a library has been sold to Dixon Thomson who is tearing it down and will move it to his farm for sap house.  The main building will be remodeled for a library. 

The library books were moved Monday to the Firemen’s hall.

April 18, 1919
  • The Town Board met Wednesday to consider the purchase of a tractor of some kind to haul the road graders.
  • William Archibald, at the lower end of the village, has purchased a milking machine and it is being installed.
April 25, 1919
  • A.P. Lee is having changes and improvements made to his barn.
  • Fred Thomson has bargained for the sale of his farm in upper Bovina.
  • The Camp Fire girls held a Victory social in the Hall Tuesday evening.  They realized $24.
  • Last Wednesday night as Norton Forrest was returning from a dance at Andes his auto collided with a telephone pole at George McNair’s and the car had to be taken to the garage to put it in running order again.  The lights on the car were not working.
Purchased Caterpiller Tractor

Monday the Bovina Town Board purchased a Linn Caterpiller Tractor for use in working the town highways.  The purchase is made under the lease plan and $20 is paid for every day the tractor is used until about $4,000 is paid.  The State pays the greater part.  This does better work and is cheaper than teams, as teams for each work cost $21 per day.

Will Build New House

George Decker, who lives on the old Purdy farm near Lake Delaware, is tearing down the old house on the place and will erect a new modern dwelling.  During the building the family will occupy the garage and the kitchen part of the old house.

Bovina Couple Given Surprise Visit

Friday evening will long be remembered by those who attended the party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Tuttle in Bovina. 

Unaware to them fifty friends and neighbors gave them a surprise by rushing in and enjoying the evening together.  Games and music were the principal features, and later refreshments were served. Upon leaving each one had a creepy feeling that they were soon to loose the Tuttle family as they are about to sell their farm and it is rumored they will reside in Delhi.