Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bovina Butter - Follow-up to April 16, 2016 History Program

I thought as a follow-up to the History Program I presented at the Bovina Community Hall on April 16, I would remind readers of this blog of several past entries related to Bovina Dairying and Bovina Butter.

One of my first entries about Bovina butter was back in August 2009 about the legend about Bovina butter being served at the White House:

In December 2010, I reported on a speech by the head of the Farmer's Institute in 1910 about his experience visiting Bovina while taking a 'cow census:'

Here's an entry from July 2015 about Bovina at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893:

And I have a bunch of thank yous for all the help with Saturday night's program:

*Shannon Mason from Cowbella for supplying butter for the program Saturday night. In partnership with Bovina Valley Farms, Cowbella will be making butter at the Bovina creamery when everything is ready. She noted that her great great grandmother entered her butter at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Cowbella has used Jersey cows since around 1919 - we speculated as to whether any of them were descended from Bovina's Jerseys from the 19th and early 20th century. We may need to do some cow genealogy work here!

*Anne Gorell from Bread Fellows for supply bread to serve with the butter.
*Set-up and clean-up—Kim Riera, Briana Riera, Shannon Shoemaker, Mel Greenburg
*Refreshments—Jan Bray, Marni Greenburg, Kim Riera, Shannon Shoemaker
*Butter boxes—Bob Cairns, Carrie Choquette, Cindy Coffell, Angela Gaffney, Barbara Hanselman, Cathie Hewitt, Samantha Misa, Annette Robbins, Donna Weber, Noreen Yost

I needed the boxes as a way to represent the 112 pounds of butter it takes to fill one firkin.
And thank you to the Delaware County Historical Association for lending a firkin from its collections.

"To butter or not to butter, that is the question."
Photo by Roz Foster, lighting by Chris Ingvordsen.

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