Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last Load at the Bovina Center Coop

Note:  I made an error in this posting, labeling Herman Archibald as his brother Leonard.  I've made the correction here.  Thanks to Joan Archibald Townsend for catching this mistake.  

Recently, Mrs. William Elliott over in New Kingston contacted me because she had photographs of the last load of milk her husband's farm delivered to the Bovina Creamery on its last day of operation.  I was thrilled to see these wonderful snapshots taken by Mrs. Elliot herself on March 31, 1973.  They pretty much tell the story in the captions she wrote on the photos.

The last load from the Elliott farm arrives at the creamery.
This is Herman Archibald emptying one of the milk cans.

Bea Thompson was the milk tester at the creamery for many years.

Brothers Marvin and Herman Archibald

The empty cans being loaded back on the truck for their last trip home from the creamery.

The Elliott farmstead is in New Kingston, though it borders Bovina (and some of the farmland is in Bovina).  The farm has been in the Elliott family for several generations.  After the closing of the creamery, the Elliotts converted to a bulk tank operation.  It is one of the very few dairy farms still operating in the area to this day, now run by Mrs. Elliott's son.

Many thanks to Mrs. Elliott for sharing these.  And to her daughter Sally Elliott Scrimshaw for letting her mom know of my interest in photos like these.

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