Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bovina NY History Yahoo Group

I'm working on the next and probably last step for now in using Web 2.0 to promote Bovina's history - I've created a group in Yahoo so I can keep people apprised via mass e-mails when I update the blog or the Bovina NY History page on Flickr. In the next day or so, you may get a message from Yahoo asking if you want to accept my invitation. Feel free to ignore or decline the invitation. I will not use it to clutter your mailboxes - it's simply a way to alert you to updates on the Bovina history blog and Flickr page. And if you don't get a message from me and wish to receive these alerts, please let me know at rlafever[@]nycap.rr.com [Note: I've put the brackets around the @ in my e-mail to help prevent spammers from harvesting it, so you'll need to remove them before sending me a message.]

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