Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bovina Farm Day

On September 6 from 10 til 5, Bovina Farm Day will take place up Crescent Valley at Sunflower Farm. Their website is http://sunflowerfarmofbovina.com/index.html. I have been asked to set up a display about farming in Bovina (one more thing on my plate) and hope to set up a scanner and computer and scan pictures people bring of Bovina farms. A great opportunity to celebrate what made Bovina Bovina.

I'll be doing some further entries on Bovina farms on this blog during the next couple of months, so stay tuned.


  1. Hey Ray! I just got a mailing from Evy Stewart re: the bovina Farm Day & was asked to sponsor the event. It didn't say too much about where it will be held etc, so I just googled it & found your blog. You definately are into a little of everything!
    Are you coming up to Bovina any time soon? Feel free to stop in for a chat if you are walking by!
    Hope all is well. Hugs to you & your cats! :-) Jillienne

  2. Hey cousin. It was nice to see you over the weekend. Cheers. Ray

  3. Hi Ray. The farm days will be held on the corner of Crescent Valley Rd. and Weber rd.
    Will be great to have some support for the farmers remaining in the community and it will give us a chance to meet our non farming neighbors. Donna