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February 1916 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the Andes Recorder
February 4, 1916
•           E.J. Turnbull’s workmen, from Andes, were at Hamilton Russell’s on Monday doing plumbing.
•           Charles A. McPherson, who had his leg broken nine weeks ago, has been able to get out a little this week.
•           John W. Blair has rented his farm, known as the John T. Miller place, to Harvey Hafele, of Colchester, who will take possession March 1. Mr. Blair will move to his house in the village, occupied by David Currie.[The J.T. Miller place is now the home of Jack and June Burns.]
•           Ward Baker, the violinist, has moved from Bovina to the H.L. Hewitt house in Margaretville.  He has rented his residence at the foot of Russell hill to Robert G. Thomson, manager of the Dry Milk Co., plant here.

Was Native of Bovina
            George W. Graham, a son of the late John F. Graham of Bovina, died in West Virginia, December 28, aged 70.  During the civil war he served in the 144th Regiment and became 2d lieutenant. After the war he opened a law office at Harper’s Ferry and served two terms in the West Virginia senate and was on the staff of Gov. Glasscock and Gov. Hatfield.

February 11, 1916
•           From an entertainment and social held last Friday evening, the Fire Department realized $42.
•           Howard McPherson, town superintendent of highways, attended the Good Roads meeting at Delhi on Wednesday.
•           H.B. Olmstead has purchased the barber-shop furniture and supplies which formerly belonged to Jacob Schlafer, late of Delhi.
•           James Cole, on the Gill farm near Tunis lake, expects soon to move to Delhi village.  He has purchased a tract of timber at the head of Glenburnie, and will soon move his mill there from Tunis Lake.
•           Thomas H. Johnson, who purchased the timber on Will Elliott’s farm in New Kingston, is setting up a mill on the place to saw it. Mrs. James Boyd has sold the timber on her farm to Mr. Johnson. We understand she receives $1,500 for it.

Farewell Party
            Miss Jane Hilson entertained five couples at a six course supper, at her home in Bovina Center, in honor of Millard Blair before his departure for Pittsburg.  The evening was spent in playing enjoyable games. The young people went home wishing “Stub” the best of success.

February 18, 1916
•           George Wiltsie has purchased a new auto. This makes 29 or 30 autos now owned in town.
•           The thermometers Monday morning registered 33 degrees below zero in some parts of the village.
•           The V.I.S. announce a Colonial Supper in the Town Hall on the evening of Washington’s birthday.
•           Mrs. Gideon Miller was operated on Tuesday in a New York hospital for the relief of chronic appendicitis.  At last report she was getting along nicely.
•           David G. Currie will move into the rooms vacated by Mrs. Elizabeth T. Miller and John W. Blair will occupy the part of his house vacated by Mr. Currie.
•           Mrs. George Russell is here packing up the household goods of her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth T. Miller, and they will be shipped to Colliersville, where she will in the future reside with the daughter.
•           Mrs. James Cole underwent a delicate operation at the hospital in Delhi last Thursday. The operation was performed by Dr. Latcher, of Oneonta, assisted by Dr. Whitcomb, of Bovina, and Dr. Ormiston, of Delhi.

February 25, 1916
•           The receipts of the supper given by the village Improvement Society on Tuesday evening amounted to $52.50.
•           Floyd Hyatt on the D.J. Miller farm has sold his dairy of cows to Howard Hall and they were taken away Wednesday.
•           Wednesday at Neupert sale on the Alex Bryden farm cows brought good prices, the highest selling for $75 and the lowest for $18.
•           Latest reports from Mrs. Gideon Miller, who was operated upon at the St. Elizabeth hospital in New York last week, state that she is doing well.  An unusual thing in the case was that the three surgeons and the nurse were all former residents of Delaware county.

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