Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bovina's Methodist Church Pews

In the Town of Bovina's early days, there were two Presbyterian Churches and a Methodist church (see my blog for October 7, 2010 to see more about these churches:

On November 30, Jim Andrews from the Andes Society for History and Culture invited me to visit the Pleasant Valley Church on the Tremperskill. It was a Methodist Church until it closed in the 1990s and is now owned by the Society. My interest in visiting it was to specifically see the church pews, which are believed to have come from the Bovina Methodist Church, which stood across from where the Bovina Community Hall now stands. When the church building was sold in 1921, the local newspapers reported that the "seats were purchased by the Pleasant Valley Methodist Church." Jim and I agreed that the seats in the building now likely are the ones from the Bovina Methodist Church. These pews probably were made around 1877, when Bovina Methodist Church underwent a major renovation.

Below are two pictures I took during my visit there.
Note to the left that it appears the pews have been cut to fit against the wall
An intriguing bit from the local papers reporting the sale of the building is that "The memorial windows were reserved." I would love to track these down.

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