Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Some Personal Thanksgiving Photos from the Past

I was rather surprised, when going through family photos, to not find many of Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd share these few. Hoping everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day and that you are building future memories!
Thanksgiving in Bovina 1972. For some reason, I made everyone leave so I could photograph the food. Would have been nice to have the people in the shot too!
Thanksgiving in Bovina 2010. Note I'm using the same table cloth my mom used 38 years previously. That's Susan, Gary and Diane over the remains of dessert.
I know this doesn't look very Thanksgivingish, but it does date from Thanksgiving Day 1978. My dear ole Pa.
My dear ole Dad's last Thanksgiving in 2003 at my sister and brother-in-law's in Schenectady. Dad is making the classic pose that his dad always did when he sat down at Thanksgiving, ready to eat! That's mom on the left and Diane on the right, trying to hide from the camera.

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