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August 1914 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

From the Andes Recorder

100 years ago this August, the reservoir was completed and there were at least two reunions of Bovina families

August 7, 1914
Parties from Jersey City are visiting at Charles Mulnix’s.
The reservoir is now complete up to the spillway and the wing walls are now being put in.
Mrs. J.B. Lee and Mrs. Jennie Lee Thompson left Saturday for the home of the latter in Yonkers.
W.H. Maynard is having two silos erected on his farm in upper Bovina.  The lower half of each will be made of concrete and the upper part of wood.  For the upper half Mr. Maynard will use his old silo, cutting it through the middle and using one half on the top of the concrete and on each silo.

August 14, 1914
Mrs. Raynor, of Scranton, is stopping at Maggie Stories.
Thursday at the unofficial Republican primary only seven votes were cast.
Fred Johnson, a Swede living in Bovina, was arrested Tuesday, charged with violation of liquor tax law in the giving away of liquor.
A reunion of the Bramley family was held at Davenport Center on last Thursday. Fred Bramley, Mrs. H. G. Bramley, Mrs. Miles Bramley and other members of family attended from Bovina.  The gathering also celebrated the 88th birthday of the hostess Mrs. Susan Coulter.  From a family of twelve only three are living – Rev. Alex Bramley, S.G. Bramley and Mrs. Coulter.

Bovina Reservoir Complete
Robert Gray has completed the work of building the reservoir on Coulter Brook for the Bovina Center Water Company. The ditch for the water main remains to be dug through the village, from the Muller place to the Thos Hastings flat.

August 21, 1914
Miss Bessie Boggs, of New York, arrived in Bovina on Wednesday evening to spend her vacation.
William Richardson, Thos Gordon and G.D. Miller attended the reunion of the 144th Regiment Wednesday at Margaretville.
Robert R. Gladstone and wife and Ed Gladstone and wife, of Andes, spent last Friday with Miss Lydia Thomson, one of our oldest residents.
Bovina played ball with Stamford at the latter place Friday and Saturday and lost in both games – Friday by a score of 7 to 4, and Saturday 12 to 11 in a ten inning game.
Last Thursday at the Graham reunion held at the home of William A. Hoy in Bovina Center, about 80 connections of the family were present, coming from Andes, Bovina, Delhi, Franklin and other points. The occasion was enjoyed by all.

Will build Road
Robert Gerry will have a stone road built from where his private road connects with the highway in southern Bovina to the top of the pitch above T.C. Strangeway’s.  The town of Bovina will probably put on a team or two.  Work is expected to commence about the first of September.

August 28, 1914
The reunion of the Davidson family was held Tuesday at the home of Douglas Davidson.
A gang of men under Robert Neal are scraping out the ditches on the State road and hauling the dirt away.
William Archibald is having grading done about his residence at Scott’s bridge. S.D. Oliver, of Andes, is painting his residence.
Colon Campbell, eldest son of the late Duncan Campbell of Bovina, died at his home in Walton, August 22, of cancer, aged 52 years.  He is survived by a wife and 2 children.
Patrolman Armstrong was stationed Saturday on the Little Delaware to keep count of the traffic on the State road.  His count showed 116 wagons, 60 of them being heavy wagons, and 96 automobiles.
Concrete abutments are being put in on the bridge near Frank Brown’s, on the Bloomville road.  A new bridge will also be put in above John Blair’s. At the later bridge there is a good chance to improve the grade.

Assaulted His Father
Tuesday Albert Neuport, on the Bryden farm in the town of Bovina, was abusing a dog more than the father thought good and so he took the son to task. The angry boy, whose age is 18 or 19, at once assaulted his father. The boy was taken before Justice Strangeway who sentenced him to four months in jail.

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