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June 1914 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

Work continued on the town water system – the state finally issued a permit to allow the digging up of the highway to run the pipe.

From the Andes Recorder:

June 5, 1914
Clark Miller is ill with an attack of the measles. (Clark was killed in action in France in 1918 during the First World War.)
Howard McPherson, town superintendent of highways, has a new Ford roadster.
Solomon Menaker, on the Hewitt farm up-town, has purchased a large touring car. (This farm was up Mountain Brook Road, now owned by Tom Groves.)
Dr. G.T. Scott is having his house, known as the Gow place, treated to a coat of paint. (Likely is the house at 42.262°N 74.787°W, or 1771 County Highway 6)
In a ball game Saturday between the married and single men, the latter were winners.
Word has been received by the Water Company that the permit to dig the ditch through the street would be issued early next week.

June 12, 1914
In a ball game here Saturday between Bovina and Andes, the visiting team won by a score of 10 to 9.
Dr. Norris B. Whitcomb was elected vice president of the Delaware County Medical Society at a meeting held in Delhi last week.
Robert Agnew, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, was a visitor here this week.  His father had a blacksmith shop in Bovina some thirty years ago.

June 19, 1914
Professor James Hastings, of Cape May, N.J., is visiting his father, Thos E. Hastings.
The Water company has finally received the State Permit to dig thru the street, but must not put the dirt onto the macadam.
Mrs. Lucy Coulter has purchased the John G. Russell house and lot in Bovina Center.  The price paid was $1,200 and she moved to the property Tuesday. Years ago this place was occupied by the parents of the late Chas. R. Lee. (This property appears to be the now clear lot to the right of the Bovina Community Hall - more research is needed to clarify this and determine what happened to the house.)

June 26, 1914
Myer Jacobson will move to this place from Pepacton.
The little three year old son of Tony Gabriel, on the Thos Mabon farm, fell Saturday and broke its arm.
Robert Gray, of Delhi, was here on Tuesday and arranged with the Water Company to put in their reservoir.  He will begin work in about two weeks.

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