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Stories from Bovina's Cemeteries - The Chisholm Family

One hundred and fifty years ago today, on October 19, 1863, Andrew Chisholm, the son of Andrew and Annie Chisholm, died at Folly Island, South Carolina, of typhoid, one of the eleven Bovina boys to die in the Civil War.  He had enlisted in August 1862 in the 144th NY Infantry.

Andrew and Annie Chisholm had already lost one child, another son also named Andrew, when he was two years old in 1834.  Andrew would lose his wife in 1843, leaving him with four children, Jane, Margaret, and twins Andrew and Annie.  Annie was married to Edgar Seacord, a veteran of the Civil War, sometime after her brother's death. She died four years after her twin brother in 1867.  Her sisters Jane and Margaret survived her by 45 years, dying about a year and a half apart.  Jane died in May 1912 and Margaret in December 1913.  Margaret's death was reported by the Andes Recorder in its December 23, 1913 issue under the title "Last of Her Race in America."

Miss Margaret Chisholm of Bovina Center, died December 19, in the Post Graduate hospital, New York, where she underwent an operation December 15.  The remains were brought to Bovina and the funeral was held Wednesday morning, with interment in the Center cemetery.  Her age was 75 years and 11 months.  She was born, we believe, on the David Oliver farm, being the dauter of Andrew Chisholm who for many years lived back of the Livingstone lake.  She is the last of her race in this country, but cousins reside in Scotland.

The family, except for Anna Seacord, all share one monument in the Bovina Cemetery.
Andrew Chisholm (1801-1881) and Annie Crosier Chisholm (1799-1843)

Jane Chisholm (1836-1912) and Margaret Chisholm (1838-1913)

Andrew G. Chisholm - 1839-63 - This is a memorial - he was buried at Folly Island.

"Little" Andrew Chisholm (1832-34)

 Anna Chisholm Seacord also is buried in Bovina next to her husband.  Unfortunately, her stone has fallen, but until it can be righted, it is safer to leave it face down. 

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