Monday, July 15, 2013

July 1913 - 100 Years Ago in "That Thriving Town"

The 'state road' was still being repaired/resurfaced.  John and Helena Hilson, who were married on July 2, returned from their honeymoon and several reports appeared about the activities of former residents.  

July 4, 1913

A.T. Archibald has had his residence re-shingled. [Archibald lived in the Mountain Brook area of Bovina.]

Alex Myers has completed the job of painting the fence along the State road.

The steam shovel on the Andes and Delhi State road is now located just below T.C. Strangeway’s. [This is about where Bread Fellows is located.]

George Gladstone is having an embankment wall built along part of the front of his lot to keep back the road. [Gladstone appears to have lived in what is now the vacant lot across from the Virga residence.]

Monday morning Thomas Gordon, Gilbert D. Miller, Frank Gowanlock and James G. Seath left to attend the reunion on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Word has been received here that a son of James A. Gow is ill with small pox at their home at Springfield Center Otsego county.  The young man was stricken soon after returning home from college.  The family moved from Bovina last spring.  [It is not clear which son this is.  Gows had twin boys, Millard and Willard.  Whichever son, he survived this bout of small pox and lived into adulthood.]

Jardine Hafele, son of Charles Hafele of this town, who in April graduated from the Veterinary College at Toronto, Canada, and who has since been with his parents here, has returned to Canada and has purchased the practice of a veterinary at Dutton. [Jardine was born in 1889 and had a younger brother Gaylie.  He was married in Canada in 1915 and appears to have settled in Canada.]

July 11, 1913

The barn on the Stephen Russell farm is being altered and improvements made. [This is the barn on Russell Hill, the farm known as the Lester McPherson farm and now owned by Nick Thompson.]

Mr. and Mrs. John Hilson arrived home …from their wedding trip Tuesday, having spent most of it at Lake George.

The Veterans who went to Gettysburg arrived home Friday evening.  Altho the heat was excessive all were well cared for.

July 18, 1913

The steam shovel on the Andes and Delhi state road is now in the large cut on the Burgin place.

Mr. and Mrs.  Gilbert D. Miller left this week for Cleveland, Ohio, to spend at least a fortnight visiting at the home of Thomas Downie, a former resident of Bovina.

John D. Scouller and Miss Doris Louthan were married at Los Angeles, California, July 10.  Mr. Scouller is a grandson of the late Rev. Kennedy, of Bovina, and a son of Mrs. Kittie Kennedy Scouller. [Rev. Kennedy was the pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church from 1865 to 1885.]

July 25, 1913

Many farmers have finished haying this week.

For the month of June the patrons of the Bovina Center Co-Operative Creamery received 36 ½ cents per pound for butter fat.

Lauren Thomson, formerly of Bovina, who for five months has been traveling in Europe with a college chum, is visiting this section.

The town traction engine went off the bank Wednesday below Robert G. Foreman’s at the Stone House.  After some difficulty it was gotten back onto the road with a little damage done.

Surveryers are going over the Bovina State road again.  It is stated that the purpose is to ascertain if the contractor removed the number of yards of dirt claimed, etc.  With the original survey costing $900 a mile, this will bring the amount to over $1,000 a mile for the survey.

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