Monday, May 27, 2013

Remember the Silent Boys in Blues - Memorial Day in Bovina

A snippet from the Andes Recorder from May 11, 1894 reported on plans for how Bovina would be celebrating Memorial Day:

Memorial Day at Bovina.

At a meeting held in Strangeway’s Hall, April 28, to make arrangements for the proper observance of Memorial Day and to give homage to the fallen heroes of ’61 to ’65, the following officers were chosen, vis: President of the Day, Rev. J.P. Carley; Speaker, Dr. J. N. Wright; Marshall, B.S. Miller; Commander, J.R. Hoy; Officer of the Day, J.P. Dennis; Chaplin, Thomas Gordon; color Bearer, Henry Hogaboom; Placing marking flags, Frank Gownlock; Committee of Arrangements, G.D. Miller, William Richardson; Committee on Flowers, Mrs. J.R. Hoy, Miss Maggie Storie, Miss Maggie Chisholm, Mrs. Thomas Miller, Mrs. Frank Gownlock, Mrs. J.P. Dennis, Mrs. G.D. Miller.  

All the old soldiers and the committee on flowers are to meet at Strangeway’s Hall at 9 o’clock sharp. The procession will form in front of Strangeway’s Hall and march to the cemetery to decorate the graves of the silent heroes.  Returning to Strangeway’s Hall for the Memorial oration by Comrade J.N. Wright, of Grand Gorge, at 2 o’clock.

The Marshall request that all old soldiers, other than the officers having swords, will please to provide themselves with canes.  In past years the people have failed to keep in the ranks during the march to the cemetery, thus making the appearance of the line very poor.  We would suggest that all who go to the cemetery keep in the ranks, and thus make a fine appearance, and we can assure you that it will be fully appreciated by the old veterans. Try it. 

On this, a day which has been set apart in memory of the fallen dead, let all unnecessary labor be laid aside, and let everyone take a holiday, it comes only once a year.  Think of what it commemorates; think of the hardships, dangers and trials of those who now lay in the silent tomb, some of them in the sunny south where they fell bathed in their own blood.  Although Bovina has turned out well to the exercises in the past, it is possible to improve.  Remember the silent “Boys in Blues.”

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  1. Thanks for the memories. We should always remember the veterans who have helped make our country free. Sinerely, Jeff Weiser/Crescent Valley Road