Friday, January 18, 2013

Wintertime at Lake Delaware

In the interest of sharing Bovina pictures from other than just the hamlet of Bovina Center, I've found three images from the 1930s and 40s of the Lake Delaware area in the winter.  These images come from the Delaware County Historical Association. 

The first two images are from the Association's McMurdy collection and are believed to date form the 1930s.  They were taken from present day Route 28.  The photographer's main objective may have been to photograph the bridge over the Little Delaware, since it shows up in both photos.  You can see in the first photo the St. James Episcopal Church and the rectory.  The bottom photograph shows on the right the area known as "The Hook."  

And below is a Bob Wyer photo, dating from around 1940, showing the Earl Fisk house and barn at The Hook.
Don't forget, I'm always looking for other 'historic' pictures of the Town of Bovina.  I have a scanner and I do travel.  Thanks.

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