Monday, August 27, 2012

Fourth Annual Bovina Farm Day

The Fourth Annual Bovina Farm Day will be Sunday, September 2 from 10 to 5 on Crescent Valley Road in Bovina.  To commemorate this, let's go back to this little tidbit from the September 11, 1886 Delaware Republican:

A farmers' picnic was held at Brushland on Thursday.  Grand preparations for a good time were made and enjoyed, the Delhi Cornet Band was in attendance, and the farmers of this most thrifty and prosperous town enjoyed one of the well-earned holidays which they do not allow themselves half often enough.
The publishers went on to thank the organizers for an invitation to the event and to apologize that other engagements prevented them from attending.  Let's hope that business engagements won't prevent you from attending and celebrate the hard working farmers in our area. I will be there with a couple of picture displays and my scanner, so if you have pictures of Bovina people or places you want to share, please bring them!

Bovina Farm Day sign at County Highway 6 and Route 28.

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