Sunday, April 15, 2012

Businesses in Brushland 150 years ago

In poking around a fun website - - I found this business directory of Brushland (the old name for the hamlet of Bovina Center) from the April 15, 1862 issue of the Bloomville Mirror, so I thought I'd pass it along, pretty much as presented. Note that there wasn't a Methodist pastor listed, thus the lines where there would be a name.  Cameronian's were the Reformed Presbyterians.  P.D. Hamilton's hotel was located where Jardines are now. 

Business Directory of Brushland

  • General Variety Stores.—T.E. Hastings, Elliott & Adee.
  • Groceries.—Miller & Brother, A. Kinmouth.
  • Stoves and Tin Ware.—D.L. Thomson.
  • Hotel.—Mrs. P. D. Hamilton.
  • District School Teachers.—Mrs. M. L. Dennis, Misses M. Scott, M. Gill, E. Erkison, McFarlin.
  • Churches.—Presbyterian, Rev. J.B. Lee pastor. Methodist pastor ------; Cameronian, Rev. J. P. Potick.
  • Physicians.—Dr. J.S. Telford, Dr. J. Calhoun.
  • Post Master.—R.H. Sloan.
  • Carriage Maker.—Major A. Boyd.
  • Blacksmiths.—B. McFarlin, A. F. McPherson.
  • Saddle and Harness Maker.—Jas. Gill.
  • Carpenters.—J. R. Scott, W. Coulter, M. Miller, Wm. Miller, R. Dyzart, R. Gounlock.
  • Justices of Peace.—J.R. Douglas, A. Storie, A.F, Manyard (sic - should be Maynard), Wm. Boggs.
  • Town Clerk.—A. H. Gill
  • Shoe Shop.—Wm. Lull.
  • Cabinet Makers.—T. Scott, A. Kinmouth.
  • Woolen factory.—Messrs. A. and C.R. Lee.
  • Livery Stable.—Wm. Lull.
  • Grist Mill.—T. W. Dennis.
  • Cooper.—H.H. Taylor.

All in Main Street.

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