Monday, February 6, 2012

Thomas Strangeway and Jennie Doig

One hundred and thirty-five years ago today (February 7, 1877), the home of Walter Doig was the scene of a wedding when his daughter Jennie married Thomas Strangeway.  Thomas, the son of Christopher Strangeway and Margaret Thompson, was born in Bovina November 26, 1852.  Jennie, whose full name was Margaret Jane, was born on the 20th of May 1854, also in Bovina, the daughter of Walter Andrew Doig and Margaret G. Armstrong.  The Doig home and farm was located near Teunis Lake.  Here's the notice from the February 20, 1877 Stamford Mirror:


Thomas and Jennie settled in Bovina on the family farm, off what is now Route 28 near Bread Fellows.  They had three daughters, Margaret Bell, Jennie E., and Nettie Helen.  Nettie Helen, better known as Helena, married John Hamilton Hilson in 1913.  Thomas and Jennie were married for 55 years when Thomas passed away on July 21, 1932.  Thomas had had a stroke in April of 1929.  By July, he was out and about again, according to the local newspapers, but had a relapse in August.  This first stroke must not have been too severe, for he was still serving as President of the Bovina Cooperative Fire Insurance Company a year later.  Jennie survived her husband by less than four years, dying on May 26, 1936 of heart disease.  Both are buried in the Bovina Cemetery.

This certificate of the marriage was graciously loaned to me by the family of Jack Hilson.  Signed by the minister, it was about 15 by 30 inches. Unfortunately, the photographs are badly faded.   Below are the photos with some enhancement.

And here is a picture of Thomas and Jennie with their three daughters.  It comes from the album of their daughter Helena Strangeway Hilson and dates from around 1890.

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