Monday, July 25, 2011

Red Pine Farm

In the course of researching for a blog entry about Bovina resorts this morning, I was startled to find a reference to one such farm in today's Daily Star (Oneonta).  In the paper's 'Step Back in Time' feature for fifty years ago today, there was an article about George and Wanda Lingg's place on Bovina Road, known as Red Pine Farm.  Here's the link to the feature from the Star:

I just found this very article last week in my late grandmother's news clippings (missing the date unfortunately, but the Star's item today rectified this omission).  Here is the complete article, including a couple of photographs, from the July 25, 1961 issue of the Oneonta Daily Star (click on the image, opening it in a new window.  Then you'll need to click again to magnify it so it's easier to read and view).   

I will be doing more detailed blog entries on the various resorts in Bovina, but I couldn't resist taking advantage of the timing of this article to do a brief entry about one such place today. 

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