Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Will this winter never end?

In February 1880, the winter was the subject of discussion, as it is this year.  But in 1880, it wasn't the cold and wind that was the issue.  The Delaware Republican reported:  "The weather is very 'child-like and bland,' and how we are to tell when Spring commences, if this style of winter continues, is a question that perplexes the strongest minds, and all the reliable old weather sages, who in vain have prophesied the commencement of a hard winter at each change of moon for the past three months, have at least agreed that 'we will catch it sometime,' which remarkable conclusion is probably correct."

The winter of 1948, however, appears to have been anything but 'child-like.'  The Greene County Examiner-Recorder from Catskill, NY, dated February 19, 1948 reported that "Pipes Freeze as Springs Drop in Water Shortage."  Dated February 11, the article went on to report that the "farmers through this section are having serious water shortages due to the intense cold with no thaws to replenish the failing springs. Several farmers have had their springs get so low their pipes have frozen. If a break in the weather does not come soon, there will be the greatest water shortage that has been known for years."

You probably now hoping that the improving weather means spring is not far behind.   So I must remind you of weather history - the famous Blizzard of 88 (1888, by the way) happened in March.  Don't put away those shovels just yet.....

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