Monday, April 26, 2010

I Walk the Line - Not!

Last November I reported on a hike I took with Mike Kudish in his quest to locate the rail bed for a never completed railroad from Delhi to Andes, with a spur to Bovina (see blog entries for May 12 and November 8, 2009 for more details). During that hike, we walked parallel and above Route 28 and walked to the Burgin Farm. At the time, we planned another hike in the spring to trace the rail bed further along 28, expecting to track it to Lake Delaware.

We scheduled this past Saturday, April 24, for the hike. Unfortunately, a pesky cold prevented me from joining Mike, but Peter Manning was able to go with him. They picked up the rail bed where Mike and I left off last fall. Mike was pleased to note that he found the point where the rail would have gone from the main Delhi-Andes line to a spur heading to Bovina. Mike and Peter were able to follow the bed almost right to St. James Church. Mike suspects that the railroad, had it been built, would have been about level with the church at this point - and may have gone right through the site. Remember that the church was built over two decades after the attempt to build the railroad was abandoned.

I'm hoping I'll get a chance to check this out for myself at some point. Many thanks to Mike for his continuing work to document the railroads in the area. And thanks to Peter for making the arrangements for Mike to hike the area.

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